Cameron Banga
Cameron is co-founder of 9magnets, LLC, the author of several books on iOS design, a hobbyist photographer, and overall great guy.
About Cameron
I currently work as lead designer and project manager at 9magnets, LLC, a small mobile application development studio that I co-founded in 2010. When not designing and programming mobile apps, I also write on mobile interface design. My second book on mobile interface design will be published by Addison-Wesley in spring 2014.
  • 2 books published on UX/UI
  • iOS, Android, web, & OS X
  • Over 100 apps designed
  • Strong Photoshop skillset
  • Vector graphic design
  • Can work in .xib, iOS UI code
  • Brand identity for many apps
  • Email, social, & web marketing
  • Work with large brands
  • Valparaiso University alumni
  • NWI Society of Innovators
  • XOXO 2013 attendee
  • Markdown + Sublime Text
  • Automation/scripting novice
  • OhMyZSH + iTerm for shell
My Portfolio
I've been lucky to have the opportunity to work on a variety of outstanding projects, with extraordinary people. Here is a selection of my favorite work.
What I Can Do
Core Competencies
web development - 50%
interface design - 80%
Linux/UNIX - 35%
writing - 70%
visual design - 60%
What People Say
About Working With Me
"Cameron and the 9Magnets team did a great job developing my apps. From the initial creative design stage to final implementation and roll out they were reliable, effective, and budget conscious."

Dr. Ronald Yap Urologist
"Cameron Banga and his Team at 9magnets, are much more that people I have hired. They in my mind are business partners even though that is not an actual arrangement that we have. When taking an idea to a fully realized mobile app, you must first and foremost employ a trust worthy team, that is always actively listening to your ideas, your goals and your concerns as the projects develop. From concept "inception" to active development to changes early and late in the project Cameron is the go to guy, and he never disappoints."

Dr. Alec Hochstein Podiatrist
"I had the pleasure of working with Cameron as the Development Editor of his book, "iPhone User Interface Cookbook". He possessed that rare ability to put his expertise into words and was able to unravel and explain difficult topics using simple language in a way that could be easily understood by readers - people who might not have the same level of expertise as him. He is an extremely dedicated and hard worker and always met any deadlines during the time I worked with him. I think I can safely say that he is one of the best authors I have ever worked with."

Maitreya Bhakal, Content Strategist - Business Solutions
Cameron Banga by the Numbers
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