Learning Programming Languages

We have to highly recommend signing up for a few email newsletters to help keep up with the day to day happenings for whatever programming language you're tackling. Many newsletters exist, so poke around and find some newsletters that interest you. iOS Dev Weekly is a great iPhone and iPad specific newsletter we recommend. Android Weekly is a great newsletter for Android programming related topics as well.

Describing Your Design

Software copyrights and patents are a very complex, difficult topic for many mobile developers. In this chapter, we discussed the pull-to-refesh gesture, which was invented by Loren Brichter. As a fun read, we suggest looking over the patent publicaton.

Learning Programming Languages

Marvel is one of our favorite, promising new prototype tools. We really recommend it, as it ties in with popular web service Dropbox to make prototyping extremely easy. Prototyping is a great way to get all stakeholders on the same page before a great deal of code has been written.

Communicating During Development

We discussed Skitch by Evernote as a great product for marking up design documents, but what about general team communication? One tool that we've recently been turned on to (so recently, that the book was already mostly finished before we even heard of it), is Slack by Tiny Speck. It's an absolutely amazing chat app, that is cross platform and available essentially everywhere you want it to be. We couldn't recommend it more highly.

Comprehending the Source Code

Coding can be somewhat difficult, especially if you don't have any experience in programming. If you're a complete novice to programming, we recommend Code School, an online interactive tutorial website. Here's their "Try Objective-C" course, which will help you pick up programming in a fun way.